Company Profile
We are a Thai leader manufacturer of agricultural blades and spare parts for brush cutter and lawn mowers, including livestock equipment and other agricultural equipment.
Our factory is located in Bang KhunThian Industrial Park, Bangkok. We produce with modern machinery, with continuous development, we can offer high quality products to our customers.

Our flexibility and versatility allow us to improve production process and quality to match our customers' needs. We can offer competitive prices with satisfactory quantity.

Our product:
Agricultural blades, especially mower blades.
We are the leading agricultural blades in Thailand.We can produce various blades for agricultural such as Brush Cutter Blades, Lawn Mower Blades, Grass cutters, Harvesters blades etc. Thus, we can meet wide ranges of consumers needs such as mowing in a small garden, in front of the house orin large size garden like golf courses,etc.

Besides using for mowing purpose, our products can also be used for harvesting by combination among harvester blades,brush cutter holder plate and rice frame.

Agricultural Equipment
We can provide good quality of Agricultural Equipment, Spare Parts , Livestock Equipment such as various sizes of pig nipple drinkers, rubber tapping knife , hose reel etc. Besides domestic market, we also have long experiences in exporting to many countries in Asia and Scandinavia.

Made to order services
We are also proud of our service and our proficiency to produce other types of steel equipment and parts such as tubular handle, push knife.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are :
  • Traders of Brush cutter Blades , Lawn Mowers Blades.We can produce products in Your Own Trade Mark.
  • Traders of Spare Parts and Cutters, Lawn Mowers , who look for more variety of products. The price directly from us can help you in competition in the market with a reliable supplier.
  • Manufacturers who want to reduce the cost of producing steel parts in your production line , so you can increase profits in your productand compete in the market effectively.

Our Story

T.Sahakit shop started operation in 1991 with the start of business as a small wholesaler. After inheriting the expertise of highly experienced blacksmith from Father (Lim Seng), we can become a manufacturer of quality products to the market in Thailand and abroad.

T. Sahakit Industry Co., Ltd. was established on February 2, 2001. First, the company focused on the wholesale and distribution of its products to the domestic market. When the distribution channels smoothly, we decided to invest in the construction of the factory to produce directly into the market. By combining modern manufacturing technology with hand-crafted techniques from the father, the products come out quickly and are very refined.Thus, our products are not only accepted by the domestic market widely, but also in many countries in Asia and Europe.

At present , The company has expanded its business to include more than 9,000 square meters of office, warehouse and factory space.